2019 - NOV - BDF National Congress - Blackpool - PAL


Normally this DVD set is available to purchase on the day but following a teeny weeny mixup;  the cameraman was in Blackpool when he should have been in Eastbourne.......  an easy 6-hour/300 mile journey south.  Oh dear. . . . .

South event worked out Ok despite the burnout of the Claremont, Eastbourne

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. . .....

The event has been filmed creating an unbroken video record of Dance Congresses in the UK.  Footage available from: www.dancefilming.com

Running order:

Damiano Soldati & Laura Fox - "Quickstep is like a Box of Chocolates"
Anton Sboev & Patrizia Ranis - "Rumba - Developing the Woman"
Martin Cutler - "Dancing a Rainbow"
Address to the Congress by Mr Bryan Allen, President of the BDC
Michael Stylianos - "Choices"
Jonathan Crossley - "The Only Thing that Matters"
Gunnar Gunnarsson & Marika Doshoris - Paso Doble "The Devil is in the Detail"
Joanne Bolton-Hawkins - "Spiral Obsession"

The 2-disk DVD set available in PAL and the running time is 2 1/2 hours

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