2019 - May - BDC International Congress - Blackpool - NTSC


The 2019 World Dancing Congress provided a wealth of knowledge, skills and beautiful dance: all back in the refurbished Spanish Hall, Blackpool, UK

Starting the day with the effervescent Riccardo Cocchi and ending the second with Donnie Burns MBE; the two day congress was full of quality dance and a personal approach to the reason and passion behind dancing

There were many lectures of which the content may not even be fully appreciated for years to come; making this years’ Congress an especially valuable resource and a reminder why recording such events need to be supported which remain the only record of UK dance history

Here are a few quotes from this years Congress:

"The simple things: when you’re really in touch with your senses...see, touch, breath... when you sense,... you respect this”

"From your soul to your brain; from your feet to your frame”

UNDERSTANDING - Leonid Pletvev
Explaining:... “Philosophy: Love to Wisdom”

SOUL - Victor Da Silva
“Art liberates you and it puts you into a dream; it puts you into a position in life that’s timeless; going beyond and beyond"

”HONESTY - Dorin Frecautanu
“A good artist is never afraid to fail"

Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko
Victor Da Silva & Hanna Karttunen
Andrea Ghigiarelli & Sara Andracchio
Dorin Frecautanu & Marina Sergeeva
Andy Liang
Leonid Pletnev
Sammy Stopford
Kateryna Spasitel
Hans Galke
Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyova
Stefarno Di Fillipo & Dasha
Cher Rutherford
Christopher Hawkins
Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova
Doman Krapez & Natascha Karabey
Slavik Kryklyvyy
Valerio Colantoni & Monica Nigro
and finally the legend that is...
Donnie Burns MBE

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