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This Wish-List Library lists all videos that are having a break…. Almost all are on video tape and currently stored in comfort under the best possible conditions but time is their enemy as they will not last forever…. Some were recorded a few years ago and safely archived on HD but some are almost 35 years old and on tape

These are the ONLY REMAINING MASTER-RECORDINGS which include eminent pioneers of dance; many who are now no longer with us

All these videos represent the history of dance in the UK through congresses and annual events

These days, we are filming using the latest cameras with direct connections to radio-mics and music but in the early days, sound and picture quality wasn't always the best but..... it was what was available..... Our archive techniques ensure videos transferred are often better than the original


The archive is so vast, videos are being transferred on a priority basis so please contact us with your wish and once we have more than 20 “likes” for a particular video, the long job of preparing that video for DVD release will start. LIKES will be listed in latest news

There is no obligation to purchase the finished DVD but your interest shows enough people care to warrant the effort involved

Sorry - still compiling the list.......... as lists go, it's a big one.....
BUT.. as a taster, we've just found the 1986 BDF Blackpool Congress - with..... Wally Laird ...  Who follows Wally Laird on this video???   Mr Bill Irvine MBE
More to follow ....